The original ice-fishing dream machine, SnoBear is the unequaled winter recreational winter vehicle. With built-in adaptable latched fishing holes in the floor, this vehicle lets you drop a line virtually anywhere on the hard water—and easily reel up and move to a new spot in minutes.

With its efficient cabin design and independent heating system, you and your friends can ice fish without wearing bulky winter jackets when the thermometer dips. Imagine ice fishing at -40 degrees in total comfort!

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Patented Max Tracks

The SnoBear uses the patented Max Track system, which creates equal distribution of weight throughout the track and allows for superior traction. By having this kind of traction, the tracks on the SnoBear adjust to contours of the terrain, and this in turn provides the smoothest ride in snow or on the ice. For added safety, the tracks distribute the weight of the vehicle to LESS than one pound per square inch.

Acralift System

Combined with the unique track design, the Acralift System gives a versatility like no other ice vehicle. It allows the machine to lower and raise 12 inches, giving it the effectiveness of a fish house built right on the ice. Experience this exclusive hydraulic lift system in your new SnoBear!

SnoBear Features

  • Zenith Hyundai Liquid-Cooled, 1.6-Liter Engine
  • CVT Belt Drive
  • Locking Differential
  • Thermostat-Controlled Forced-Air Propane Furnace
  • Power Steering
  • Independent Left / Right Brakes
  • Fully Adjustable Seats
  • 4 Large Fishing Holes
  • Receiver Hitch Front / Back
  • Carbon Monoxide Detectors
  • Marine In-Dash Stereo With 4 Speakers
  • Drop-Down Bunks

SnoBear Specifications

  • Overall Length - 200 Inches
  • Body Width - 84.5 Inches
  • Hydraulic Lift - 14.25 Inches
  • Weight - 3500 LBS
  • 14-Gallon Fuel Capacity

Contact Details

Phone: 763-444-4788

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Address: SnoBear USA, 1 Enterprise Avenue NE, Isanti, MN 55040